Any tips for free ALT harvest?

Anyone have any tips for ALT harvest? How long does it usually take ?

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Timing for me is super dependent on whether the pedicle is intramuscular or not. If it is, then it’s gonna be a longer day at the office!

There is this guy on twitter that is documenting his journey of raising ALT flaps that you might find helpful. Think he is at over 30 raised now

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Discovered that using ligasure / harmonic really makes things easy and much faster specially for intramuscular perforator, still takes around 90 minutes to 2 hours


I’m no expert but have benefited from training by some. Some great learning points:

  • mark with the great toe pointing straight up (I.e. correcting slightly external rotation at the hip to ensure you are over those perfs)
  • don’t be afraid to lift the rectus femoris to speed up your dissection
  • as long as you leave at least one branch to rectus you can raise another creating a nice T-segment flow through
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